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Looking for a way to get more involved and to make a few new friends? Consider joining one of our campus clubs!  All students are invited to participate in these activities.  Club meetings are announced in the school bulletin throughout the year.  Some of our clubs include:                                                            

Anime Club: Come talk with friends about your favorite anime characters and maybe learn about some new ones. Anime Club is on Thursdays after school in room 19.

Art Club: Boys and girls of Monte Vista, do you have what it takes to join The Art Dojo Art Club?  Would you like to improve your “slice and dice” art skills through technique and practice?  Would you like the guidance of Master Sensei Rosas?  Would you like constructive criticism on your art work?  Come to THE ART DOJO in room 39 after school on Tuesdays to start your Art Ninja Training.”

Finer Things Club: Come meet with some new friends and learn about different ways that people enjoy the Finer Things in Life! We will meet on Tuesdays in room 9.

Games Club: Games Club is a place for students to spend time with their peers by playing board and card games. Come and play anything from chess to Jenga to Yu-Gi-Oh. The sky is the limit. Games Club will be held on Tuesdays in room 19.

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA): The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is a club that fosters inclusivity by creating a welcoming environment and aims to make the school community a safe place for all. Students will be able to explore the history of the LGBTQ+ community, facilitate group discussions, and spread real knowledge of the community. The club is a safe place to be yourself, regardless of orientation or identity. All students are welcome to join! Meetings will be held on Mondays in room 27.

Math Olympiad: This club is for students who excel in math and want to compete in math competitions. Come think mathematically with friends! Math Olympiad is in room 18 from 2:40-3:30 every Monday.

Nature Club: Do you enjoy the outdoors? Trees, plants, water, and the sky make you smile? Come meet like-minded friends on Fridays after school in room 11.

Science Olympiad: If you like science, are interested in science or just want to make new friends, we welcome everyone to come and join our club! Students involved in the club choose a Science competition to compete in (paper/computer based tests or hands on projects). Most competitions are with partners, however, some can be done alone. The club meets on Tuesdays in room 27 after school.